© 2019 by James Powell

Special issue written by Brandon Barrows!


It's kids vs. shoggoths! In this issue of House of Fear, young Ben receives a package of grow-your-own monsters...just add water! When his science teacher flushes them down the toilet, the school is overrun with huge, tentacled monsters with eyes all over the place. Ben and friends must find a way to defeat the beasts before they destroy the school.

House of Fear: The Grumpledowns Gang and the Case of the Mail-Order Shoggoths

  • Publication Date: Summer 2018

    Format: Full color, 24 pages

    Age range: 7+

  • Writer: Brandon Barrows

    Illustrator: Rafael Loureiro

    Colorist: Josh Jensen

    Letterer: Matt Krotzer

    Boyle Intro Pages: James Hislope

    Editor: James Powell